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With PHP Setup Wizard you can improve your own project with a powerful setup system. With just few lines of code and some configuration changes,

With PHP Setup Wizard you can improve your own project with a powerful setup system. With just few lines of code and some configuration changes, you can have an installer for your system deployment in few minutes.

Feature Highlights

  • Customizable step by configuration with basic error checking
  • Can require minimum PHP version or version range
  • Checks if folder is writeable and performs test-write
  • Login and database are verified before writing to file
  • Supports multiple-queries, copy your queries from PhpMyAdmin
  • Tests if user can create tables before trying to install tables
  • Creates your system config file using template
  • Supports multiple configs and/or output files
  • Can require some PHP extensions to be loaded
  • Can require some PHP directives (settings)

Short FAQ

  1. Who is this for? – Anyone who needs a installer for some PHP project/system
  2. Do I have to be a programmer? – Nope! Just check out the Getting Started Guide and see how easy it is to include with your project
  3. What if I do not want some-step? – Simply disable it in the Installer configuration
  4. Can I get help with that? – Yes, I will help you as much as I can, and you get 40 pages of Implementation Documentation and the Getting Started Guide as well
  5. What examples are included? – The three examples shown in the Live Preview, plus additional Multiple configs example to show how multiple configs are supported: Basic, Normal and Advanced, but of course in PHP  :)

Need custom steps?

Follow this Add-on/Plugin Support tutorial to get you started on your own custom step.


Available installation steps

1. Welcome Message
2. PHP Requirements
3. I/O File Permissions Test
4. Terms Of Use Agreement
5. Language Selection
6. Serial Key Confirmation
7. Time Zone Selection
8. Additional Information – fully customizeable!
9. Database Server Connection
10. Database Selection/Creation
11. Database Access Test
12. Database Table Prefix
13. Install Database Tables
14. Create Administrator Account
15. Create Configuration File
16. Finished Message

General features:

  • 16 available setup steps, each with individual configuration
  • One fully customizable step by configuration
  • Available databases are listed with table count
  • New databases can be created if server supports it
  • Automatic session handling with optional encryption
  • All HTML and forms are generated by HtmlMaker class
  • PHP error messages can be disabled in configuration
  • Settings overview tool for better mask file testing
  • Creates the config file for the system being installed
  • Supports multiple configs, into multiple directories
  • No deprecated functions used (like eregi)

Template support (referred to as Mask files):

  • Welcome/Outro messages (HTML)
  • License agreement text (TXT)
  • Create table queries (SQL)
  • Insert root user query (SQL)
  • Output system config files (PHP)

Availability Tests:

  • PHP Requirements test
    • PHP version check (range can be specified)
    • PHP extension check (mysqli, mbstring, mcrypt etc.)
    • PHP directives check (safe_mode, register_globals etc.)
  • Read/Write files and folders test
  • Database privileges test

When installation is completed, the installer can:

  • Ignore itself and continues to run the installed system
  • Delete itself and all files in the Installer folder
  • Offers option to redo installation (if enabled in config)

Change Log

2.2 – January 8, 2012:

  • Serial Key Confirmation step has been added to list of available steps
  • Keyword replacement mechanism has been improved
  • “Clearing sessions” when developing or testing has been added to documentation (page 40)

2.1 – July 23, 2011:

  • Fully customizable step by configuration added, named Additional Information
  • Additional Information step supports basic error detection, such as numerics only, min/max lengths and numeric ranges
  • Multiple configs are now supported, and each config can be placed in different folder.
  • The File Permission step has been re-written and greatly improved
  • Minor CSS tweaks
Overview Tool:
  • The custom form in Additional Information is shown and evaluated. Any missing attributes will prompt warning.
  • The keywords in the Additional Information form are shown in the Configuration Overview section.
  • Minor bug-fixes

2.0 – April 23, 2010:

  • PHP Version and PHP Directives (PHP.INI settings) checks have been added to PHP Requirements
  • Database Selection, File Permissions Test and Language Selection steps have all been improved
  • New proper SQL query parsing added to support multiple queries
  • Database Connection and Selection steps are now optional
  • Generated XHTML is now valid by standards set by W3C Markup Validation Service
  • Minor bug-fixes
Overview Tool:
  • PHP Directives evaluated in Configuration Overview
  • PHP Version and Extension checks are performed in PHP Requirements
  • See how the Installer parses your SQL queries for better error detecting
  • See what the mask files become after keywords have been replaced
  • Colors have been changed and improved

1.0 – April 5, 2010:

  • The first version debuted.

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