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KwikForms a comprehensive material design jQuery form builder plugin. Using KwikForms you can rapidly create and add forms to your website with just a few

KwikForms a comprehensive material design jQuery form builder plugin.

Using KwikForms you can rapidly create and add forms to your website with just a few lines of code.

KwikForms supports the following html inputs:

text, textarea, text and textarea with twitter style text count, telephone, number, email, url, range, date – with date-picker, checkbox, checkbox as a switch, radio, file with xhr automatic upload and finally select.

KwikForms includes the following pre-compiled select lists:

Countries (flags optional), international dialing codes (flags optional), PayPal currencies, global currencies, languages and timezones

Plus recaptcha and honeypot

KwikForms – form processing

On submit all KwikForms provide a JSON encoded string for processing in any way the user wants e.g. php, asp etc.

After processing the user is presented by the success message you create in the div #kwik-confirmation-message

KwikForms installation

It may be silly to point out but KwikForms is a jQuery plugin so jQuery is a requirement.

OK so how do you get started?

After downloading KwikForms upload the files to your host server. Logically stylesheet CSS files go into your css folder, and the javascript files into your js folder.

The KwikForms download is structured like this:

  • kwik_event_calendar_v2_0_0
    • CSS
      • form-layout-style.css
    • svg
      • The svg image files needed for flag display
    • JS
      • jquery.min.js
      • form-layout.js
      • moment-with-locales.js
    • scr
      • kwik-process.php – an example form processing script
      • kwik-upload.php – an example file upload script
    • example.html

Copy-paste the stylesheet ’s into the of your web page. Make sure they are in the following order:

  • any other style sheets you currently use”>

Add the JavaScript pages near the end of your pages, right before the closing tag. Make sure they are in the following order:

And that’s it all you need to do now is create an HTML element on your page to display your Kwik Event Calendar – example:

KWIKForms Integration

Create your KwikForm as detailed below on your web page. To call and activate the KwikForm plugin add this script making sure that on the page it is BELOW the javascript files listed in “installation”

Building your KwikForm

Create your form like this

Note: data-theme is ‘optional’ as a default exists.

KwikForms inputs are built using divs and data-tags – all inputs start like this:

Don’t forget to create your success confirmation message

Thanks for contacting us! - We will get back to you soon!

The KwikForms plugin then automatically creates the following base HTML

To display inline lable and input add the class kwik-inline like this:

KWIKForms building the specific input types

To create the individual input types use the following data-kwik-type’s

textarea with twitter style text countdata-kwik-type="textcount"
email data-kwik-type="email"
url data-kwik-type="url"
range data-kwik-type="range"
date data-kwik-type="date"
checkbox data-kwik-type="checkbox"
checkbox as a switch data-kwik-type="switch"
radio data-kwik-type="radio"
file with xhr automatic upload data-kwik-type="file"
select data-kwik-type="select"

To create the pre-populated select lists use the following data-kwik-type’s

International dialing codesdata-kwik-type="dilaing-list"
PayPal currenciesdata-kwik-type="paypal-currency"
Global currenciesdata-kwik-type="currency-list"

To create the Recaptcha use the following data-kwik-type


Additional data-options exist for the different input types

data-theme – overrides the form theme colour for individual inputs data-theme="red"
data-kwik-required – Creates a required field data-kwik-required="required"
data-kwik-errormessage – a field specific error message data-kwik-errormessage="The error message to output"
data-kwik-value – a field specific value data-kwik-value="Your value"
data-kwik-flag – displays country flags in the country-list and dialing-list selects data-kwik-flag="true"
data-kwik-min – the minimum value for number and range fields data-kwik-min="0"
data-kwik-max – the maximum value for number and range fields data-kwik-type="100"
data-kwik-step – the step value for number and range fields data-kwik-step="1"
data-kwik-max – the maximum character count for text count inputs data-kwik-max="140"
data-kwik-allowed – allowed MIME types for file uploads data-kwik-allowed="image/gif,image/jpeg,image/jpg,image/png"
data-kwik-maxSize – the maximum file size for uploads (Mb) data-kwik-maxSize="2"
data-kwik-list – array of objects to create checkboxes or radio inputs data-kwik-list="[{'id':'1','label':'Test'},{'id':'2','label':'Test this'}]"
data-kwik-option-list – array of objects to populate select lists data-kwik-option-list="[{'id':'1','label':'Test'},{'id':'2','label':'Test this'}]"

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