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jQuery Page Background Pro is a jquery plugin that builds an animated photo / video gallery as a background for any element in an html

jQuery Page Background Pro is a jquery plugin that builds an animated photo / video gallery as a background for any element in an html page. jQueryPageBackgroundPro includes options to add gallery image and video (HTML5 mp4, youtube) slides, slide titles, gallery controls, and gallery navigation. See it in action at

Features and options
  • Multiple Background Galleries on the same page. You can make as many background galleries as you like on the same page.
  • Background Gallery supports Images, YouTube, and HTML5 Video.
  • Background Gallery Slide Show. Optional slide show and slide change interval options to automatically transition through background slides.
  • Background Slides Transitions. Slide transitions can be set to fade or slide up, down, left, right, left and right, top and bottom.
  • Background Slides Transition Speed, and Easing. Adjust transition speed and use any of the jQuery UI easing functions to add character to slide transitions.
  • Background Slides Image Positioning. Option to position slide image behind the view port at the top left or center of image
  • Background Slides Image Fit Viewport. Option to auto resize slide images to fill viewport.
  • Background Slides Titles. Slides have optional titles that can be positioned with any horizontal-vertical combination of top, middle, bottom.
  • Background Slides Titles Transitions. Slide titles can be optionally transitioned. Title transitions can be set to fade or slide (top, right, bottom, left) with optional speed and distance options.
  • Background Slides Titles Custom Styles Slide title support adding custom slide styles so can add css to titles and make them look anyway you like.
  • Background Slide Transition callbacks. Callback function options can be set to add your own Javascript function to execute after the current and next background slides have finished transitioning.
  • Gallery Controls. 55 different control arrow styles to choose from.
  • Gallery Control Positioning. Position the gallery controls horizontally-vertically with top, bottom, center combinations.
  • Gallery Control Event Hooks. Easily bind gallery controls actions to events on other elements in you page.
  • Gallery Navigation Icons. Show Icons (round, square) or thumbnails that can be clicked to transition through gallery slides.
  • Gallery Navigation Icon Positioning. Position icons in gallery with horizontal-vertical combo (top, bottom, left, right, center).
  • *Single Page Site Example Code (HTML, CSS, Javascript) Included free of charge is a single page site example that uses the plugin to add a page background gallery.

jQuery Page Background Pro - 1

New Features

  • YouTube videos slides added!

jQuery Page Background Pro - 2


May 11, 2014

  • Youtube Video slides added.

May 8, 2014

  • Initial Release.

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