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Wanted to keep your own list of members and subscribers and track payments, recurring payments, etc? Wanted to do it on your own self-hosted subscription system?

Zhen Subscription allows you to handle the following:

  • Subscribers / Members: Add and search a list of subscribers, along with address, contact info (phone, email, etc). Find out which services your members are subscribed for and how long, along with start and end dates and historic records.
  • Subscriptions / Recurring Membership: Maintain a record of each subscription or recurring membership for each subscriber or member.
  • Subscription Type: Create multiple types of subscriptions/memberships and have subscribers/members assigned to the specific type that you want.
  • Salesforce: Integrated with Salesforce. So if you have Salesforce API enabled in your Salesforce account, you can enter client information in Zhen Subscriptions, and it will automatically publish to Salesforce. No need to enter data twice!
  • Authorize.net: Payment integration with Authorize.net . If you have an Authorize.net account , just key in your API key and credentials in settings, and you are ready to accept credit card payments for both one-time and recurring members / subscribers, and have the payment processed through Authorize.net .

Demo: Use admin / admin@123 to log in and test.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions: (1) Unzip files on server (2) Run /app/telerim/mysql/app.sql on your MySQL database (3) Copy /app/Config/database.php.default to /app/Config/database.php and update this new file with your MySQL database settings. (4) Hit the public URL on your server with your browser, login as admin / admin@123 and change settings.


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