Vehicle Management System With Live GPS Tracking free download

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Vehicle Management System With Live GPS Tracking is the complete Fleet Management System for managing vehicles. Real time gps tracking is available in the system, which help to track driving location and speed etc..


  • Vehicles Management System
  • Drivers Management System
  • Trips Management System
  • Customers Management System
  • Fuel Management System
  • Income and Expense Management System
  • Live GPS Tracking System
  • Google Map API

Upload Files and Installation Steps

  1. First all files upload in your hosted path
    For example:
    For sub folder example:
  2. Then goto install your project. Please find the below link
    For example:
    For sub folder example:
  3. Fill Out the all fields are required for your database connections – MYSQL HOSTNAME, MYSQL USERNAME, MYSQL PASSWORD and MYSQL DATABASE NAME.
  4. Once installed successfully, it get automatically redirected to login page.
  5. Note: Kindly delete install folder, once successfully installed.
  6. Once installed successfully, please go to update the google api key
    For example:
    For sub folder example:
    1. At bottom of page, please add google api key in  $config[‘google_api_key’]
    2. Add company name in $config[‘company_name’]
    3. Add value for base_url $config[‘base_url’] (Ex:

GPS Tracking

For demo, traccar client will be used.


In traccar client

Device Identifier: API Username (Vehicle add page)

Server URL : API URL (Vehicle add page)

Live Demo

 * Version 2.0
 *  - UI enhancement
 *  - Live tracking all vehicle in single page
 *  - History search with tracking
 * Version 1.0
 *  - Initial version.



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