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Tealo is a handy but very effective tool for Project Managers, Team Leads, Owners or Consultants who wants to get daily update from his team for:

  • What team did today
  • What is the project progress today

For this specific need, this small tool has been built.
You don’t need to ask one by one what they did, you don’t need to check one by one what each project’s progress is, leave this to Tealo, it will do that for you.

How it works
Working of this software is pretty simple. It works something like:

  1. You add your projects and team members to this software
  2. The login to the system and enter their daily activities by selecting project. If someone works in multiple project, he enters multiple entry
  3. You login to the system and system will show you summary of:
  4. Team Activity and Project Progress in an organized table
  5. You can also select any specific date to see that day’s activity
  6. You can also check report for any team member or project selecting date range
  7. Dashboard also shows you summarized hour effort of team member wise and project wise

Tealo - Team Activity Watcher - 1


Email: admin@multidimensionsystems.com
Password: 123456

Team Member

Email: grace.vandarwaal@gmail.com
Password: 123456

Tealo - Team Activity Watcher - 2


Please email at: prnt.multisys@gmail.com if you face any difficulty.


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