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Introducing Targets for iPhone! A trusty companion for every sales rep. Set your targets, reach your goals!


Sales Targets

Set your targets. Reach your goals. With Targets for iPhone you can set your revenue targets as well as item and miscellaneous targets. You can set targets for the day, week, month and year. Targets will automatically calculate your percent to revenue, items and miscellaneous. It will calculate your Items per Sale, Average Sale, and Attachment Rate. You can filter your sales targets by Day, Week, Month and Year with real time updates.

Add and Delete Transactions

Transactions can be added or deleted into your profile. When you add a transaction you will have the opportunity to add an amount, items and misc items. For example, let’s say you add a sale for $150 and you’ve sold your main item and happened to attached an accessory, you can enter $150,1,1. When you add a misc item to a sale, that item will influence your attachment rate. By pressing receipts you will be able to review and remove transactions. To remove press the x icon. All the numbers will change real time.


Demo from your iPhone –

Apache, PHP4 or 5, MySQL


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