Storecase – Showcase Your Envato Items In A Store-like Web Application free download

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StoreCase – Showcase (your) Envato items in a store-like web application

StoreCase is a really small and simple web app which is using Envato’s API to showcase (your) Envato items in a store-like display.
The way it works is you will provide an Envato API token and using the search api the app will connect to Envato and get the items
matching your search criteria and display them. The items will be processed and your affiliate urls will be appended in all the items links.
StoreCase does not require any database and the install process takes under 5 minutes.
StoreCase is not a full blown store/shop, it’s just a smart and easy way to showcase some of (your) Envato items.
StoreCase was tested on a decent number of items, if you have a few thousand items to display, StoreCase might not be the best choice for you.

Why StoreCase?

We have quite a number of items sold in Envato Marketplaces, and we wanted to have a nice way to showcase these items on our own website without manually adding them one by one. We also wanted to be able to use our own affiliate links (old format but also impact radius), and so we created a small php script which in time proven to be very reliable, therefore we improved it a bit more and gave it a name, this way StoreCase was born.

If there is no database needed, does it have a search functionality?

Yes, the entire search and sorting system is implemented in PHP alone.
You can search items in their name, description, price, tags, etc and you can also sort them by a variety of params.

I’m hooked, show me a demo!

You can view a fully working site using StoreCase at

Support / Documentation

Inside the archive that you will download you will find a docs.html file which contains absolutely all the info you need.


Simply upload the files on your hosting environment then open the docs.html file and follow the instructions.

Server requirements

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache or Nginx webserver
  • PHP >= 7.1

Important notes

  • We cannot provide general web hosting and/or general PHP support.
  • We cannot provide general programming or web scaling support.
  • We cannot help with issues from your own customisation.
  • We cannot provide customisations that extended default app features.
  • We do not offer install or setup services.
  • We cannot provide fixes that are unique to your web hosting or server environment. If your hosting or server environment is different than what is listed in REQUIREMENTS section, you’ll need to determine if it will work before purchasing.
  • We try for fast response times but as described on our support tab, response time may be longer, depending on our current support queue. Too many issue/feature questions that do not fall under support will slow down all response times. Please investigate for yourself thoroughly before contacting us.
  • We don’t offer free support, if your support is expired, before asking questions consider renewing it.
  • Before asking questions make sure you did your part and researched current answers.
  • You can’t get a refund once the item has been downloaded in any circumstances.
  • Read all the product information before you decide to buy it.
  • We speak english only to our customers, so we expect you speak it decently enough so we can understand each other.


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