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Hituh Laravel CRUD

Hituh Laravel CRUD is a library to generate CRUD operation in Laravel.
It provide fully customization with available Hooks Action and Filter.
It support Laravel 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4.
You can implement wysiwyg editor or javascript or jQuery plugin by yourself.
If you work with fast project Laravel you should have it.
It use PSR2 coding standard.
It implement Laravel security to handle SQL Injection, CSRF, etc.
It provide online documentation for installation and customization.

Documentation and Demo

Support Policy

Bug fixes and new features will be released every month or conditionally.

System Requirement:

  • PHP 5.6.15 or higher
  • MariaDB 10.1.9 or MySQL


  • Generate CRUD easily
  • Fully customization
  • Online Documentation
  • Multiple, single and custom search
  • Pagination
  • Pagination info
  • Records per page
  • Ajax integrated
  • Validation client and server side
  • Single and multiple table
  • Custom theme
  • Set columns manually
  • Alias columns
  • Custom columns
  • Formatter columns
  • Set columns properties
  • Add custom action buttons
  • Visibility elements in List View
  • Custom search
  • Input form filler
  • Custom validation
  • Modify validation label error
  • Custom form layout
  • Custom form columns
  • Custom form input
  • Custom form input view
  • Join tables
  • Multi table
  • Multiple same table
  • Hooks Action and Filter


Version 1.0
- Initial release


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