Ekattor Student Biometric Attendance Addon free download

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This addon takes student attendance of your school from fingerprint reader device.
While you are managing your school with Ekattor School Erp,
installing this addon will give you opportunity to take student attendance using fingerprint reader machine and show the attendance report inside application.

How it works

  • Ekattor school erp should be pre-installed in your server
  • Purchase biometric attendance addon for ekattor erp from codecanyon
  • Download and install the addon to your ekattor erp application
  • Register student in your fingerprint attendance machine
  • Take fingerprint attendance of student
  • Export attendance data from device and sync with Biometric addon inside Ekattor Erp
  • The final attendance report is shown in your attendance page

Ekattor Student Biometric Attendance Addon - 1

Step1 : Student account is registering into biometric attendance device

Ekattor Student Biometric Attendance Addon - 2

Step 2 : Taking student’s fingerprint attendance input

Ekattor Student Biometric Attendance Addon - 3

Step 3 : Attendance report exported from fingerprint device

Ekattor Student Biometric Attendance Addon - 4

Step 4 : Final attendance report after fingerprint device data sync completed


Watch this addon demo by navigating to the link below:

Login as superadmin and navigate to this link below to check the school alumni addon demo


Requirements :


Send us a ticket for presale questions and getting after sales developer support via zendesk.


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