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Efficient car warehouse management is all about having accurate information on the incoming, warehoused and outgoing inventory at your fingertips. Bond Manager is an enterprise-wide solution that helps you be on top of your car bonded warehouse. From auto-generated car inventory level notifications, number of car in bond calculations, soon expiring notifications to invoicing, the system will simplify your warehouse management operations.

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Bond Manager goes far beyond simple inventory tracking to impact all facets of your business, operations, and finance management. The system has a responsive design and using the latest cloud-based technology, the system is accessible from anywhere with internet connection through desktop and mobile browsers, and provides the real-time data your company must have to be productive and competitive.

Bond Manager has built-in Invoice and Inventory System. Invoice System has Tax and Discounts.



  1. Dashboard: View bond value, used bond value and remaining bond value. View recent warehouse entries.
  2. Master lists: add, view, edit and delete data for;
  • Clearing agents
  • Country borders
  • Vehicle Categorization
  • Customer Date
  • Car Manufactures
  • Bond Storage Rates
  1. Car details: add, view, edit and delete vehicle information.
  2. Incoming vehicles: add, view, edit and delete incoming vehicle details.
  3. Warehousing: add incoming vehicle into the warehouse. View, edit and delete warehoused vehicle information.
  4. Release Vehicles: Release warehoused vehicles. View, edit and delete released vehicle information.
  5. Invoices: generate cash and tax invoices.
  6. Gate pass: Generate gate pass for released vehicle.
  7. Expiry: View soon expiring and Expired Inventory.
  8. System users: add, view, and edit system users.
  9. Expenses: add, view, edit and delete expenses.
  10. Reports: Warehouse stock, released vehicle, income, expenditure reports.
  11. Settings: add, view, and edit general system settings.


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