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In the world of digitization and in order to keep us up to date with the modern life we all need to use the technology and look through it what it has to offer for our better life. Our inventory application is the most complete and most easy to use multifunctional and multistore inventory management system with built in stock management system, point of sale and invoice management.
You can be either a wholesaler or a retailer our application is always best matches your requirements. You can break down or create sub items of your any item or product, set different different prices for different different sub items and so and so.


Some features and you requirements our application can cover…

  • Main products management
  • Several unit of measurement
  • Create sub items or products of existing items
  • Create sub of sub items
  • Conversion of products into smaller pieces
  • Purchase items from suppliers
  • Manage purchase invoices
  • Change price for the items after purchase
  • Point of sell
  • Manage invoices for sold products
  • Stock manager
  • Restock or return sold products
  • Manage panel users with different roles
  • Two level of customers, Suppliers or Customers
  • Advanced payment options
  • Reporting on purchased or sold products

Why use our application over others?

Our application is a complete set of inventory management system. Whatever kind of store you have it does not matter. What matters the most is which system you are using, ours or other’s? This awesome inventory management is perfectly suitable for any kind of store, shop or any kind of business where buying selling is involved.

Support and Quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality of this application. And talking about the support, we do have a very much active team ready to solve this panel related problems and issues.


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