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Simple App for Fitness and bodybuilding, beside home workouts, to follow your progress at the gym.
help you burn fat, build muscle, stay in shape, and what’s more, improve your health quickly and efficiently.
It won’t be hard for beginners and easy for pros, you can always find suitable workouts.
This App included gym workouts for bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness.

  • Easy-to-follow workouts
  • High-quality exercise animations
  • Perfect for people doing powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Your personal gym guide and personal trainer
  • instructions on how to perform the exercises
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator


    Project Structure

    Android projects are the projects that eventually get built into an .apk file that you install onto a device. They contain things such as application source code and resource files. Some are generated for you by default, while others should be created if required. It’s a Gradle Project that can be opened in Android Studio. The following directories in project source folder:


    Banner and AdMob Interstitial integrated.
    You can configure them in file /app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml.


    Pictures : Adobe Stock.


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