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TikTokAnalyzer – Beautiful iOS Project written in Swift 5 (with Obj-C dependecies)

A well written and fully documented code with MVC Pattern.

Easy to customize and easy to understand.



Android version will be released very soon!

It is currently under development process….



Do you want to start catching the TikTok trend and want to reach TikTok users?

Then, meet TikTokAnalyzer

With TikTokAnalyzer you can offer your users;

  • Track followers count
  • Track followings count
  • Track like (heart) counts
  • Get Statistics of gain/lost followers
  • Reach to trends of TikTok
  • Or even more?


TikTokAnalyzer comes with default;

  • Fully customizable Color Palette
  • Fully customizable ad choices
  • Push Integrated
  • RTL Support
  • Rater for iTunes
  • And more!



How does the app work?

The app starts tracking the users public information after the first load of the app. 

Based on TikTok username given in the add user screen, the public information on the Dashboard is loading. Anytime if a user fetches new data, it will compared with the old one and inform the user.

It is fully public TikTok data, nothing more.


Also, there is a “Trends” section on the app which loads the trends from TikTok. 

This part may be used (not currently developed) to inform user to make a video about that trends.


Finally, the Settings page is where the app controlled by the user. The language or push notification settings can be found there, with share options added.


What do I need to get start?

First of all you need a MacBook computer running XCode 10.x or higher.

In order to publish the app to the AppStore, you may need an Apple Developer program.

Also in order to compile, understand and get basics of how the application works, you may need a little bit of programming experience. 


Any questions? Contact us!

Email: hello@commentout.com.tr

Website: https://commentout.com.tr








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