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Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vsolutions.quicknotes
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/quick-notes-notes-and-lists/id1486072352

Quick Notes – Android and iOS Mobile application build using Flutter SDK,
To Manage your daily notes with suitable colour background based on your choice, App will automatically save your notes which have description and it will be listed in beautiful cards with your choice of colour in simple or grid list view. Notes can be pinned to show always on top in case of important notes.

Create Note

Create notes to remember things with suitable colour background in order to highlight.

Pin Note

Pin your note to have always on top in case of having some important note.

Note Listing

Application having two different types of list-view Simple and Grid with beautiful cards, So user can choose their favourite list mode.

Search Note

Note can be searched with any keywords including note title and description.

Delete Note

Note can be deleted in one click, and it will be moved to Trash.


All Deleted notes will be shown inside Trash, and can be re-store in case if it’s get deleted accidentally.

Delete Permanently

User can delete note permanently from Trash anytime.


User can change the application theme mode light/dark from setting.

Light-Dark Theme Mode

Application having two different theme light and dark as it’s trading.

Place Holders

Application have beautiful and decent screen placeholders, in case of having no data to show, As It’s always good to show something than nothing.

Files and folders

Application structure is very simple and reliable so it can be modified easily by any developers in order to add new features or make changes.

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