Paheli Bujho To Jane – Android App + Admob + Facebook Integration free download

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This app contains collection of Paheli with clean and clear interface in Hindi text with correct answers to each Paheli. User can share these Paheli in Hindi with Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and more. Test your friends and family members how much they know about Paheli.


We have also written all Paheli(s) in Hindi so that our Hindi readers can read them clearly.
This is great pleasure reading in your language.
You can also share these Paheli in Hindi with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
Test your friends and family members how much they know about Paheli.
All in all, this application is great, we enjoyed a lot developing it, hope you would like it.
You can use this app to have access to number of riddles (Paheliyan) and amaze your friends with funny anf mind twisting riddles


♥♥♥♥ Admob and Facebook Advertise ♥♥♥♥
We added Admob and Facebook for revenue through online advertising.

What you get:-
1. Full Source code.
2. Documentation
3. Design in screenshot
4. Support to install code on your machine.
5. Demo apk

Android Studio
Facebook Developer Account
Admob Account
Playstore Account

1) This app is built on Android studio
2) Easy to reskin, change colors
3) Admob (App ID+ Interstitial + Native) only replace Admob App ID, Native ads id and Interstitial ids
4) Facebook(Banner + Interstitial + Native) only replace Facebook Banner, Native and Interstitial ids
5) Replace your Icon, change the title, change package name, generate signed APK


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