Break It (Buildbox 2.3.3 – Admob + android studio) free download

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Break it !!! a new full game, a great casual game tha anyone can play it, for all ages, 40 cool levels with amazing graphics and great idea of play, The game is ready, you just need to publish it so get it NOW.

For reskin or any gameplay changes to this template Please contact :

What will get when you buying this game :

  • 1-Android File (android studio/eclips)
  • 2-Buildbox Project.bbdoc
  • 3-including all Images (png Files)
  • 4-HTML Documentation (instructions easy step by step Documentation).
  • Main Features:

    • Ready To Publish.
    • 40 Cool Levels.
    • This game has Build by buildbox 2.3.3 software
    • Easy To Resk Images if you using Photoshop or any Spritesheet Software
    • Support Newest Android Studio 3.1.3 or latest version just make sure you have the right SDK, If not just install them.
    • There are Help Documentation and Tutorial Video for easy reskin

    Game Information:

    • Universal (phone & tablet)
    • Sound On/Off Option
    • Google Game Services
    • Share button
    • Rate Button
    • Review Button
    • Pause button
    • AdMob Banner and Interstitial


    • Change Package ID, App Name, icons.
    • Set up AdMob ID.
    • Build APK.

    Simply replace all of the provided images with art of your choosing, making sure that the dimensions of the artwork stay the same. You can Reskin the game with or without the BuildBox software!
    The attached documentation with your purchase walks you through the reskinning and publishing process, easy step by step (with pictures).


    In this video i explained everything from importing the project to building apk so please follow it

    • How To Open Project in android studio
    • How to change the package name
    • How to change app name
    • How to change AdMob Banner and Interstitial ID


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